Eco Premium Butane Stove

  • High Power 10,000 BTU/hr
  • IWATANI Inner Flame Burner
  • Larger DIameter Cookware Compatible

Inner Flame Burner Feature

The special inner flame burner head allows the flame/heat to be concentrated more in the center of the cookware as opposed to heating the outer and side portions of the pot or pan. This allows the stove to have the fuel usage of only 10,000 BTU/hr but perform like a 12,000 BTU/hr stove.

Capacity equivalent to 12,000 BTU/hr
while consuming only 10,000 BTU/hr

Comparison of the time to start boiling water

Inner flame burner

Inner Flame Burner

You can saveapprox. 16% of the fuel.

Comparison of the amount of
gas needed to boil water

Outer Flame Burner

Condition: 1.5qt of water is boiled using a pot with a diameter of 7 inches at the ambient temperature 68-77℉/20-25℃.

The time needed to heat water from 68℉/20℃ to 203℉/95℃ (Tested by IWATANI)

Non-Stick Coated Drip Pan

The EcoPremium comes with a non-stick steel drip pan. This makes for easy cleanup of messy spills and helps to keep the EcoPremium looking like new.

Off-Set Burner Head Feature

The burner head on the EcoPremium is located further away from the fuel compartment than traditional stoves while keeping its compact size. This special feature makes it possible to use 11.5" diameter cooking utensils without the utensil overhanging the fuel compartment which may cause the fuel canister to overheat.

Magnetic Locking System

This lwatani System feature replaces locking levers. Simply push the fuel can onto the magnet and it locks in safely making it virtually impossible to load fuel can incorrectly.

Heat Panel System

lwatani System maintains constant pressure as fuel is being consumed, providing the maximum and consistent output for the life of entire fuel canister. It also allows the stove to utilize the entire can of butane leaving no residual fuel, assuring greater economy and safety.

Safety Features

1. Pressure Sensing Device

Advanced regulator design shuts off the flow of butane which extinguishes the flame if the pressure in the canister rises to unsafe levels. The device activates at 60psi [0.4Mpa] to 90 psi [0.6Mpa].

2. Canister Setting Safety Distance

The canister cannot be attached if the stove is not in the off position. This feature protects against unintentional gas escaping through the burner without ignition.

3. Pressurized Receiving Guide

Two sized 0-rings are built into the receiving guide of the regulator. This double protection feature helps give the canister and regulator an airtight seal.

4. Inverted Drip Pan Prevention Device

This feature protects the use of the stove by not allowing the drip pan to set level when the drip pan is inverted.


Model EPR-A
Product Size [W x L x H] 13.1"/334mm x 10.8"/274mm x 3.5"/89mm
Product Weight 3.3lbs/1.5kg
Ignition Piezoelectric Ignition
Output 10,000 BTU/hr
Burning Time Approx.65 minutes [at max. power]
Package Size [W x L x H] 13.5"/343mm x 12.6"/321mm x 4.0"/101mm
Package Weight 4.9lbs/2.2kg
Units/Case 6
Case size [W x L x H] 25.4"/646mm x 13.8"/350mm x 13.1"/333mm
Case Weight 31.7lbs/14.4kg
Unit UPC 022918 025517
Case UPC 022918 925510