Advanced Materials

Growing industries
by opening new markets.

Materials Division is developing the business globally, always attentive to the needs of the market in its mission to create "value" and "function." The resources business is achieving a stable supply of a variety of minerals, taking advantage of our solid relationship with resource majors and resource development.

Resources & Advanced Materials

We deal with a wide variety of ceramic related products from upstream to downstream industries by taking full advantage of our "Manufacturing", "R&D" and "Value-added" functions. For more information, please click the link below.

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Electronic Materials

At the Electronic Materials Department, we supply many functional materials for the latest display and battery devices for a low-carbon society. With a wide variety of materials we are able to provide you with the best solutions.

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Our main business fields are stainless steel, aluminum, special high alloy and processed products. With domestically and globally expanded production bases and distribution networks, we provide our customers with the best materials and products.

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Functional Plastic Products

Through the worldwide IWATANI network, from the general-purpose to the high-functional, we timely propose plastic resins and products. PET resins are especially important to our modern, environmentally conscious recycling society.

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