Resources &
Advanced Materials

Contributing to the World

We contribute to the world with raw materials ranging from natural resources to rare metals and advanced materials.

We are providing materials to several industries including but not limited to:
• Semiconductor / Electronics / Battery • SOFC • Automotive • Defense / Aerospace • Medical • Fine Ceramic / Refractory • Oil & Gas and many others

Ceramic Shapes

ZrO2 products

• Chemically produced Zirconia
• Fused Zirconia
• Fused Stabilized Zirconia

Rare Earth

Heat-Resistant Paint

• High heat resistant paints for automotive and small engine exhaust mufflers
• High heat and weather resistant markers for marking steel or ceramic
• Heat and weather resistant paints for light bulbs
• Non-Stick coatings (PTFE Type) for use on cook ware and appliances
• Silicone coatings for windshield wipers and rubber moldings

High Purity Alumina / Magnesia

We also offer a wide variety of products outside of this list.