"Takoyaki" Grill Pan

Grill Pan

  • "TAKOYAKI" Grill Pan
  • Model: CB-P-TAF
  • UPC: 0-22918-88802-0
  • Case quantity: 10

Safety Design of the Accessory Series

The accessory series for Cassette Feu® is designed with indentations on the bottom that fits over the pan supports of the gas cooking stove. This prevents the plate from being displaced ensuring safety during cooking.

How to make delicious TAKOYAKI

1. Mix the ingredients for the takoyaki batter in a bowl, making sure that there are no lumps. Add the other ingredients.

2. Place the butane fuel correctly in the butane stove and place the TAKOYAKI GRILL PAN correctly over the pan supports.

3. Turn on the butane stove and maintain it at a medium heat. Use the oiling brush to completely coat each indentation with salad oil.

4. After the butane stove has been heating for approximately 2 minutes, spoon the takoyaki batter gently into the indentations.

5. Push a piece of octopus into each ball of batter and scatter the pickled red ginger and green onion over the entire plate.

6. Use the bamboo skewer to pierce a small hole in each ball of batter.

7. Use the bamboo skewer to lift one of the balls carefully to check the color of the cooked side. If it is a light brown color, turn the balls 90 degrees.

8. As you rotate the rest of the balls, the uncooked batter pours out of the hole you made. Turn the balls another 90 degrees to achieve a perfectly round shape.

9. Lower the heat of the butane stove and continue to cook the takoyaki. When steam begins to be emitted from the balls, the takoyaki is done.


Model CB-P-TAF
Body size: (W×L×H) 10.2"/260×8.2"/210×1.5"/39mm
Mold die. Approx. 1.5"/40mm
Net weight Approx. 1.6 lbs/730g
Color Black
Material Aluminum alloy
Inner surface: non-stick coated
Package size 10.4"/265×8.4"/215×1.8"/47mm
Gross weight Approx. 1.8 lbs/850g
Master case size 21.4"/545×9.8"/250×9.2"/235mm
Master case weight Approx. 20.7 lbs/9.4kg
Country of origin China
Unit UPC 0 22918 88802 0