Industrial Products

Globally sourced.
Locally supported.

Iwatani's Global Network allows us to source products globally while still having the convenience of U.S. customer service and support. Please see some of the industries and products in which we specialize.

Cylinder Valves

  • Refrigerant Gas valves by Neriki Japan
  • Electronic and Semiconductor Gas valves by Neriki Japan
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On-Site Nitrogen & Oxygen Gas Generators

Make Your Own Gas…Safer, Cheaper, On-demand

  • Nitrogen Systems: Flow Rates: 10 to 75,000 SCFH Purity Levels: 95% to 99.9995%
  • Oxygen Systems: Flow Rates: 40 to 3,000 SCFH PurityLevels: 95% to 99%
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  • OEM: On Site Gas Systems Inc.35 Budney Rd, Newington, CT 06111