Culinary Torch- Pro Plus

Butane Torch

  • Dual gas controls for one hand operation
  • Super high heat (2700°f/1500°c)
  • Hold button for continuous operation
  • Adjustable flame shape & strength
  • Easily attaches to Iwatani butane fuel
  • Anti-flare feature
  • Stabilizing stand keeps torch upright & stable.
  • Made in Japan

One Hand Torch Operation

Iwatani has developed a new torch system that allows the user one had operation. The butane can be controlled by the rear regulator knob but also by the trigger. Once the torch is set to the desired flame shape and intensity, simply pull the trigger and the flame is back on to where you set it. Release the trigger and the flame is extinguished. There is no need to reset the torch to that desired setting.

Adjustable Flame Shape for
Multiple Application

The flame shape adjustment knob adapts to various cooking applications. When rotated to the right (clockwise), a concentrated and pointed flame is produced while rotating the knob to the left (counterclockwise) , produces a gentler and more spread out flame.

Wider and softer flame for larger area
Concentrated and pointed flame for
maximum pinpoint heat

Equipped with a Hold Button

When the Hold Button is depressed, flame will
stay ignited when the trigger is released.



Stabilizing Stand

To prevent the torch from tipping over or falling off a preparation surface, the stand stabilizes the canister with the torch attached.




Product Name PRO PLUS
Model CB-TC-CJ2
Output 6,300 BTU/hr
Max. Flame Temp 2700°F/1500℃
Burning Time 100 min. at max. power *
Product Size 6.9" x 1.5" x 3.1" / 176mm x 59mm x 79mm
Product Weight 0.42lbs / 0.19kg
Ignition Piezoelectric Ignition
Package Size 4.2" x 3.1" x 7.6" / 107mm x 79mm x 193mm
Package Weight 0.76lbs / 0.34kg
Case Qty / Wt. 12 / 6.2lbs(2.8kg)
Case Dim (W x L x H) 13.1" x 10.5" x 5.5" / 332mm x 227mm x 140mm
Unit UPC Unit UPC 0-22918-10123-5
ITF (12pcs) 2 00 22918 10123 9
Country of Origin Japan